Nothing to Everything

As may have been somewhat evident by my long blogtube sabbatical, I’ve been busy. Really busy. Why? Get ready for it…

Breathe in.

Sit down.

Here it is…

I, ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, am employed!

O_O That’s right: I’ve got a real, honest-to-goodness, full time, real people stint at a great Berlin start-up about which I’m really excited. I applied right before leaving for Niels’ parents’ place, was contacted the next day to go in for an interview a few days after Christmas, and then, a week later when they’d finished all the interviews, I got the call: I was first choice. Since I’d had my eye on this job since the position was fleetingly posted way back in the autumn of last year (and then disappeared ’til December for reasons unknown), saying yes was a no-brainer. I had only a weekend to shift my mind toward employment: I started last Monday.

I am now Editor-in-Chief of the English language website of a travel start-up. Being at the head of my department (and in fact the only one in it at this point! Ha!) means that every day is jam packed. I’ve been wildly hustling for the past week in efforts to hire not one, not two, but 48 new writers to work on getting our English content up to snuff. I’ve also done other stuff there, like translate a German press release to English (man, was that satisfying! Ah, Middlebury you taught me well!), help our PR intern craft a winning presentation in English for a campaign she’s working up, and drink good beer and eat pizza with my coworkers. Another sweet point? Our office is only a scant 3 minutes by train away from my apartment, with only a 10 minute walk thereafter. 🙂

Aside from readjusting to being part of the world that wakes early and toils ’til late at night, I’ve been freelancing, enjoying a New-Year-time visit from my LieblingsKim and her lovely boyfriend, Alex, and slowly realizing that my aging corpus isn’t meant for a month of sustained overindulgence in food, alcohol, socialization and movement. My holiday season has been filled with friends, more food than I know what to do with, and probably enough Rotkäpchen Sekt to keep an ocean liner afloat for a few dozen nautical miles. I am feeling tanktastic and toxic and, as of today, will be trying hard to combat it all with lots of water, healthy foods and (when I can–when I’m free!) sleep. Why no exercise to speed the process along? (sigh) That’s…not such a long or surprising story.

The bum ankle is, if possible, bummer, and now its right counterpart has joined in on the fun, turning spontaneously ugly overnight and ripening for fireworky pain on Christmas morn. Despite twice-weekly sessions of physical therapy, I don’t seem to be on the mend and I no longer know what to do about it. I certainly can’t run it off–which up ’til two years ago would’ve been my solution–, but sweet Jove knows I wish I could, considering the fact that I’m down to two pairs of suitable-for-my-breadth leggings and a few paltry shirts. I’m at a loss for metaphors to describe just how much I’m missing my daily adrenaline hit.

Beyond the aesthetic motivations for being able to exercise, though, I miss the indomitable feeling it used to give me. I long to feel healthy, strong, and sleek. Most of all, I miss not being in constant pain. I’m trying to sort it out now–the hurt, that is. I’m trying to understand why my back must continually throb, why a sudden turn of the head to the side results in electric jabs into my spine; why a simple step spurs joint pain enough to produce a limp. The adage says that all things happen for a reason, but what reason could there be for this? I don’t recall any great trespasses; I’ve never instigated genocide against anything but blackflies, and to be fair, that would have been a great service to humanity had I managed the feat (and if this is my punishment for never getting around to smooshing them all, it seems very unfair). Maybe sense simply doesn’t reside behind all things. Maybe I’m just breaking and my flame will be one that’s short and bright. Maybe that didn’t have to be as depressing to write as it just felt, but I’m not sure how.

Before I segue into doldrums, let’s review: I have a job. Someone loves me. Our home is warm and clean and sweet. I’m missing my family these days, but life is working out not so shabbily. I’ll write again–and sooner than last time I said so. For the next few weekends, I’m looking forward to nothing more than getting my achy feet back under me and dusting things that need it. But for now, I’ll leave you with a snap of the city that I, lucky lady, can now fully call home:

Berlin, you’re all right.


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