a sorry excuse for a promised post

I’ve done something which I may soon regret: committed to blogging every day for the next week. To be fair, this assertion is only as binding as the facebook status update wherein it is contained, but I feel that, having now made it public, I should probably stick to said declaration so as not to prove myself a lackadaisical, rollickingly lazy sack of delinquency.

As may or may not be evidenced by the above paragraph, my English, she is getting a tinky bit rusty. It’s time I get back to regular word smithying, and probably past time at that. Given the amount of lassive couch-sitting I’ve been doing this week due to my extremely wonky back and ambient pain visited upon me by it, I really ought to’ve been writing every day LAST week, but logic sometimes doesn’t win against laziness, and I have to say that, while I don’t really like it, I’m growing comfortable with the sloth.

This week has been full of quiet nothings and barely contained restiveness, tempered only by frantic frustration-cooking (one banana bread, a batch of gingersnaps, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, apple-ginger cake, roasted broccoli, home made tomato soup, Mexican rice, countless egg & veg scrambles), visits from friends and reading Nabokov. I have always been impatient and demanding of my body, but pardon whilst I kvetch: neck and back, I have given you more than two months now. I am good and ready to be well again. Stop effing with me. Now.

My wants are really quite simple: to carry groceries with abandon, shuttle copious amounts of books to and from the university, to casually wash my hair without pain and to be able to sleep at night. More than anything, though, I want to hit the gym. Sadly, until I get my MRI on Monday and then have it read by the traumatologist God Knows When, none of that will be even remotely possible; I still don’t even know why I hurt so much or what I might’ve torn. My bras don’t fit. My pants won’t button. This is no longer amusing or fun.

Anyway–it’s been a very long night and closed-eye typing has already begun. More (and with less self pity) tomorrow. After all, I promised.


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