An Air-Kiss of a Hello and Success With Nike iD!

This is just to say that I recognize that I’ve been horribly remiss in blogging and to mount a small defense of such truancy by publicizing the fact that–for serious, yo–I’ve been outrageously busy. I’ve been at Fathom 45 minutes to two hours early since Friday and also worked this weekend. Holy of uncomfortable holies. We’re ass kickin’, crazytown kind of busy at that place, which I hope bodes very well for the future. Fingers crossed, eh?

In more exciting, less 9-5ly depressing news, I’d also like to report that my Nike article for The Retrospective is not only (a)live, but very, very well! I’ve been in touch with Nike’s lovely PR rep at the Atlanta headquarters a few times now and she’s sent me tidings of not only her personal satisfaction with the piece, but reams of dazzled, exhilarated and approving comments from Nike HQ staff all the way up the ladder. Color me delighted, and now go check out the thing itself on The Retrospective.

And now, I must sleep–but I’ll be back, I swear, and quite soon! I’ve got tidings of comfort and joy to share, various thoughts on the shambles in which contemporary society finds itself with regards to love and marriage, and a wee report of a rather sordid lust letter I received all the way from Spain, which may or may not pertain to this fellow here. And why yes! I’m a tease, but don’t tell me you don’t like it. 😉


One thought on “An Air-Kiss of a Hello and Success With Nike iD!

  1. Hello, my love. I am off to read the Nike piece but must first lend my blog-love-support to any semblance of your return. In the near and consistent future. 😀

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