Ode to Giardia

So this, I thought, is what it feels like to die.

As you may or may not know (and unless you’re Bethany or Jenn, you probably don’t) I’ve been doing battle with a delightful little parasite named Giardia for the past two months. I’ve known for only two weeks, however, that Giardia was the culprit. After a month and a half of intestinal woe and symptoms far too nasty and, for lack of a better term, fecal, to share, I hit up the doctor’s office and had a grand span of diagnostics–blood and various other materials–run. I was actually relieved when they came back with a tangible reason for my misery, and slightly amused that for two months I’ve never been without a team of little friends, chillaxin in my lower gut. And hey look! They’re even kinda cute!



The cure was simple: take 4 caps of a little antibiotic called Tindamax, one time, and you’re good to go. I clicked my heels and downed the 2 mg panacea, expecting soon to be cured. My amusement at my tagteam of microscopic friendies continued ’til roughly Wednesday night, when I started feeling B-A-D.

Somehow I dragged myself to an hour of punishing Power Yoga at Samadhi Yoga Studio with Jenn, then we cooked a lovely dinner that included my patented caramelized onion, apple, goat cheese and arugula pizza. Despite knowing that for the benefit of my parasites I must now be essentially vegan, I had a little bit of pizza and a glass of lovely peach wine. Bad. Idea. This, I believe, was the beginning of the end.

Flash to yesterday: so exhausted I felt like I was moving underwater and every blink took effort; shaking, shivering with cold, then tearing off my clothes from overheatedness; rolling nausea, aching eyes, and all mucous membranes (use your imagination here, kids); dizziness, headache, and deep aching in all of my large joints and muscles (but, to be fair, I know not whether to attribute these last symptoms to the power yoga or to my mysterious illness). Needless to say, I bagged on the gym again last night and came home to call the doctor and fall into bed at 7p.m., sleeping through until 11 this morning. This is so. not. normal.

After hacking up applesauce and a visit to the clinic this afternoon which included a panoply of other bloodwork, I’m home and still completely wiped. The doctor is nearly 100% sure that the degree of horrible I’m currently experiencing is not because of the Giardia, but in fact the fault of the antibiotic! It turns out that the cure is often far worse than the ailment.

Jesus, I’m lame. I just hope that I recover enough this weekend to go to work on Monday and be ready for a Retrospective event on Tuesday night (more on that to come). Sadly, I’ll need to play PR girl and look camera and video-ready for that, so it may or may not happen. Bah.

For the time being, it’s more bed for me, and for the next few months nothing but whole grains, vegetables, fruit and soy protein. Goddamn, I’m gonna miss me some dairyz. ):


5 thoughts on “Ode to Giardia

  1. Oh no. That’s awful to hear. I’m sorry about your unwanted, new, parasitic guests. Good luck with the recovery. Maybe it will give you time to do some pleasure reading?

    Cheer up about the vegan diet! Think of it this way: it gives you a chance to diversify things a bit, find some new options, experiment with seitan, amaranth, etc.

    I’ve been vegan for three years, in case you couldn’t tell.

  2. Hehe! Thanks for the sympathy, lady.

    You know… I’m not all that bummed about the vegan diet. I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over (or a little under–when it started I can’t exactly say) a year now, and I’m quite happy with it–and am a reasonably adventurous eater! Me and yogurt, though? We are TIGHT. I mean TIGHT. I’ll miss it so very much!

    Want to share your favorite vegan recipe!? Hmm!? Hmm?

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