Bloggie Developments!

Exciting news!

I’m a staffer at The Restrospective now, along with some fabulous fine folk by the names of Gitamba, Shaan, Alicia and Jason. How will this shake out, and what does it change? Well  a) my street cred just went +a bajillion, and b) a few times a month you can cruise more of my ramblings regarding shiz about which I may or may not be qualified to ramble over at Retro. Today happens to be one of those days of the month when I’m holding court up on page 1, so head on over, give it a gander, comment if you like and cop a listen to a band of which both Oscar Wilde and Tim Burton would most readily approve.


8 thoughts on “Bloggie Developments!

  1. And I just got back from reading/watching that video. As to the video: we’re gonna give you a serious talking to. Because I’m getting really concerned about you.

  2. Naw, the hunger was genuine. But…the talking to… is for using the word “soul” on someone who could have been imitating Prince in the shower but instead chose a recording studio where people couldn’t possibly be expected to know that he was just kidding.

  3. Ok, this preamble is to establish three things: I’m a glutton for tragicomic punishment (though, this would be a singular chapter in an altogether new genre); I surf the internet in a wayward, compulsive fashion (years of homeschooling during adolescence, principally, to blame); Yer the most conspicuous(ly) intriguing person on that ol’ online receptacle of quotidian lameness that rhymes w/….”(H)atch”…As a premature addendum, I’m making this judgment call with ~48 hours of experience on said receptacle, but confident in assessment, nonetheless.

    I went the classic, ancestral route and e-mailed till’ noticing – much to my chagrin – that the e-mail likely would never be received; thus, this extraordinarily brazen, oddity of an overture. Likely, if this goes the route of epic-fail I’ll bundle back into a Howard Hughes phase of isolation to preempt any chance of e-ignominy dripping into brick n’ mortar public life (hopefully, as well, bizarre hording compulsions pertaining to urine don’t sprout during such a phase…that would be an altogether new genre, too, and Zeus-willing a singular one at that!).

    So, I truly hope this doesn’t embarrass – or disturb, petrify, abhor – you; and, at the very least, it amuses you in a peculiar, stupefying, “sweet jesus, my dear, you simply must come and see this car crash”-sortaway.


    Jon (

    n.b. on the subject of book reccos….to not whip out an obscure text I wouldn’t wish my most hated 5th grade classmate to read….I give you The Third Policeman….and for tunes, it’s a toss up between Alexandre Belliard “L’homme grenouille” and Silversun Pickups “Well Thought Out Twinkles”! 😉

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