Ringing it in and sucking out the marrow

Stop. Think fast–when was the last time you entered a room populated by 15 strangers and, 10 hours later, exited that same space with 15 friends? You can’t remember, can you? In fact, has such a thing ever occurred, on such a large scale?  Can such a thing happen? Can you really, truly, like every new person you meet? Well, I’m here to report that, yes, it can happen, and I was the unlikely recipient of such a phenomenon on New Year’s Eve. Two days later, I’m still giddily buzzed and pleasantly baffled.

Despite the snow storm, I boarded a Greyhound bus and hauled my ass up to Boston to attend a New Year’s Eve party about which I knew nothing save that Kolie had invited me, and that I ought to go. It turns out that said party was of all things–thank you, joyous happenstance!–a sushi party, and with some of the most excellent good folks I’ve met in a very, very long time. There was copious booze, good people, and a terrifying 10.5 inch rubber dildo that ended up pegged to the foreheads of some of the men present, appeared in photo ops, and was nestled attractively in the lap of various attendees. But more importantly than sex toys and antics and the 5 or so G&Ts I downed, the people–Kolie’s friends–were splendid. I spent much of the wee hours of the morning alternately sitting on the stairs in the loft with two lovely people named Whitney and Matt and taking photos of Kolie’s noisily slumbering friend, Aaron, in various compromising positions with aforementioned Kong Dong. Awesome.

As always, it was wonderful to see Kolie and to finally meet the lovely Aneliya who, I’m delighted to report, is without contest his best other half yet. The night also entailed a happy reunion with Colin, who met me at the Starbucks on the corner of Mass and Prospect shortly after I discovered a very soggy $20 on the ground. Poor Colin came through the door of the coffee shop to behold a verly likely wild-eyed me, grinning and brandishing a soaking wet bill, exclaiming something like “I NEVER find money! But I just found money!” Obviously, the good night started early.

All in all, the evening was exponentially more wonderful than I’d bargained for, and I’m deeply grateful to have met so many good people at once. The only downside is that now I’m left wishing I lived nearer to Cambridge so I might have the opportunity to see these folks with more frequency. Oooh–also, I should mention that the night DID have a sole mishap in which I, clumsy as ever, kicked a yoga ball back in the direction of the host, Matt, who had chosen that unfortunate moment to sip his drink. There was blood, and then a flurry of glass cleaning from yours truly and four or so others, and now Matt is down 1/5 of a tooth or so. I cannot remember the last time I was so mortified, but to Matt’s credit, he took it forgivingly and extremely gracefully. Eventually, his gentlemanliness helped me feel approximately 12% less like dying.

I arrived home on New Year’s day at around noon, not having been asleep since 8:30 the day before. After sleeping it off and awakening to a horrible Friday morning migraine and what I thought was a ravaging cold (but was really simply having left the heat on too high and being dehydrated and migrainey), I puttered around, caught up with the momma, and listened to a lot of Postal Service. Last night I went out with Irene and talked about men, about hearts, about growing up and how things never really get easier, but one does get more deft and able to smilingly navigate the dust devils.

Not simply because of this party, but because of the intensely social week I’ve had–probably the most social week I’ve had since early senior year of college–I’ve realized that I’m exponentially happier than I’ve been in–dare I say it?–years. 🙂 I have incredible friends, and having seen Kolie again, I’m left to consider how lucky I am to not only have acquired new friends, but to have all of the old, familiar friends I do, people who know every facet of me and love me for every one of them–less sparkly and lightly chipped ones included. I’m surrounded by more love than I have any business dreaming I’d deserve, and I am happy, humble, and grateful.

There’s also the fact that I have a future of some sort that’s hurtling toward me at what I’m sure will be a shocking pace when it finally arrives in the form of letters and seals. As if that weren’t enough, at this time next week I’ll be in Madrid, hugging Morgan and Rachel, making plans to visit my classroom of Spanish kiddlies, drinking vermouth with David, getting a much-needed Spanish haircut from (I hope!) Adrian, and sipping café con leche in Pepe Botella by the golden light of Spanish afternoon sun. There’s also a very good chance that I’ll be very, very jet lagged, but we won’t talk about that for now 🙂

‘Til then, my only task is to be as useful and awesome as I can at work, try to stop listening to Mirah’s “Be Still My Heart” on repeat, hit the gym hard in efforts to run off the ridiculous amount of Christmas cookie and holiday cooking I’ve ingested over the course of the past two months or so, and start reading/editing Peter’s novel, as I promised I would more than a month ago.

Life is so good. Happy 2009, everyone, and thank you for being there.


One thought on “Ringing it in and sucking out the marrow

  1. I feel so guilty about not documenting each and every special day of my holiday vacay (vacation from my house is all I could mean by that), especially considering how many gaggles of people it involves. But, despite my historian self, I’ve thus far been able to just accept that even without recounting them verbatim, I have really enjoyed this past month! Except for not chatting with you almost everyday!

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