All earnest application of self to tasks and no play makes Caitlin a dull, lax blogger

It’s December 2nd. And I’ve been dreadfully, dreadfully busy. If you want to know more about the source, you can ask, but I shan’t divulge here. And yes–before you ask–I am a sly, witholding minx, thankyouvermuch.

On the topic of Thanksgiving, suffice it to say that Grandma’s still as cranky and rambunctious as only a self righteous 83-year-old with a pacemaker can be. I did my part contributing to the sagging Schiller sideboard by crafting a bangin’ pumpkin walnut pie, vanilla and orange zest whipped sweet potatoes, and my favorite– shredded and stir fried caramelized brussels sprouts with nutmeg and toasted pecans. All you cole-family haters I CHALLENGE you to eat this dish and not immediately adore the sprouts! Seriously. It’s on. Bring me your broccoli haters, your cabbage-phobes, your sprout-denouncers: I shall swiftly convert them all.

My first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian was utterly wonderful and far less gluttonous than it’s been in  previous years. My mom was sweet enough to make me spinach squares, and the thing of which I enjoyed the greatest portion was a bottle of atrocious wine. Counter intuitive, certainly, but I kept drinking more to smite the taste of the previous sip.

In all, it was lovely to be home with my family, but part of me ached a little for last year’s ragtag Fulbright Orphan Thanksgiving at Talia’s apartment, replete with faux roast turkey and, you guessed it, jamón. I wasn’t as reflective or thankful this Thanksgiving as I was last–probably because of late I haven’t had enough time TO be reflective–so I’ll link you to 2007’s truly blissed-out Thanksgiving post. I swear I’m equally grateful to the universe this year–just for some slightly different things. 🙂

As my stamina is rapidly flagging, here are some tiny, delightful little tidbits–in list form, because I love you (and because my eyes are tired):

1) New England winter sunsets as seen through the skeletal, twisted husks of leafless maples. Tonight’s display melted from grape to raspberry, then to pale, dainty lemon. Watching it out the window during my bus ride home awakened in me a deep yearning for sherbet.

2) Workouts that render me sweat-slicked and, later, unable to raise both of my arms to blowdry my hair.

3) Lentil Barley soup and honey fig salad dressing (both Schiller-crafted)

4) Sweet children on the bus who flock to me for no tangible reason and allow me to teach them about plants and bus safety.

5) Receiving awe-inspiringly histrionic emails. They’re at the very least good for a laugh–after they’re good for a cry.

6) Deploying a box-worth of aesthetically offensive holiday cards to my friends with great senses of humor (watch your mailboxes!).

So there. Positive things! I’ll update on the rash of not-so-delightful recent shiz (including but by NO means limited to a creepy, malodorous older man on the bus and losing the sustained company of two of my favorite people in the world in the matter of an hour) this weekend or sooner.

P.S. Today a shaman called me a genius and declared that I was truly “on purpose.” I’m uncertain as to under what to file this, save “aroo?” and “cool!”


5 thoughts on “All earnest application of self to tasks and no play makes Caitlin a dull, lax blogger

  1. i heart your brilliantly worded list and am deathly curious about your secret busyness. i LAUGHED OUT LOUD hysterically when i read “and, you guessed it, jamón.” it was mostly the two commas and the accent over the “o” that did it. then i got whacked in the gut with a huge blow of Spain-schmaltz and nearly cried. even your execution of basic punctuation is impeccable. (i guess spanish gets credit for the tilde, but still)

    (oh, and your sprouts sound heavenly!)

  2. Mmmm. Sherbet.
    (How sad is it that were it not for this gentle “aside”, that would have been my honest response to the first blog entry in ages?? Thank heaven for my non-comprehension of the phrase, “a (wo)man of few words”. And seriously, I so wanted a spoonful of sherbet that even as I read on, a single scoop kept bobbing atop the word “sherbet” in my mind as some sort of sing-along mantra. Wow.)

  3. Spain misses you and reading your Thanksgiving post made me realize how amazing our time was at Talia’s last year!! While Morgan threw a mean turkey feast last Sunday, it wasn’t nearly the same without all of you there.

    Love you and your posts…and I can’t wait to hear about this mysterious business that you’re up to, girl.

  4. Adeline: you’re way, way too kind. Thank you! And, of course, jamón MUST factor into all discussions about Spain! If ever our paths cross, I will make you sprouts!

    Bethany: “Mmm. Sherbet.” is a completely acceptable comment–even without clever asides. Did you get you some? I did. 🙂

    Rach: Where the F is your blog? I don’t remember how to navigate to it. Send me linkage so I can link it up here and keep up to date more readily!!! And man, I miss you, AND Spain! I just found a January fare to Madrid from Boston form 530, r/t. Will you be around, say, the 9th-15thish? I have to discuss this with Morgan more fully, but we’ve been discussing my coming to visit and sleeping on your floors for months now. It’s seeming ever more likely… 🙂 How does Alf feel about well-trained houseguests?

    Also: keep an eye on your mail. In like… a week. 😀

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