Really, really ridiculously excited

Those of you who’ve known me for a while (I know at least a few of you who read this qualify!) know that I was–and am, albeit in a less zealous, less frequent-listener way–a (I hate this word) fan of Ani DiFranco. I adore her little story-gems. I love the beautiful dischord featured in some of her music even though it makes my friends with perfect pitch want to plunge a safety pin deep into the meaty hearts of their own ear drums. I am very excited that in just outside a week I’ll be seeing her in Hartford.

In preparation for the night of songs which I’ll enjoy with the lovely Ms. Ford, her husband and, as a Christmas present, my madre, I started listening again tonight. To my supreme shock and bubbling delight, I discovered on my hard drive an Ani song I’d never before heard. This song resonated with me, so naturally I sought to post up the original version here. Unfortunately, the original doesn’t seem to exist in easily postable video or audio form, but the version by a YouTube user named elizlaurl does. Ordinarily, I don’t even watch artist “covers” by fanboy YouTube users–if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen enough to know that they are almost unexceptionably disasters–but this girl? She is talented. In addition “Letting The Telephone Ring” being an amazing song with simple, easily identifiable and resultingly powerful lyrics, elizlaurl’s guitar work and vocals are great–and of course make me ache for my lost vocal talent. Give a listen if you’ve got the time.


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