Search terms to boggle the mind!

I find it disturbing that search terms people are employing to find my blog are:

“Real pictures of Henry VIII and all his six wives” and “pour alcohol all over naked woman ha.”

A) is the first searcher aware that, in the time of Henry VIII, cameras did not exist? B) What? WHERE is that anywhere in my blog?

All I know is that I’m caught between the conclusion that these search terms mean that I’m either incredibly awesome or incredibly perverted. 🙂

Incidentally, here’s what google image reveals when I search for “Real pictures of Henry VIII and all his six wives.” Notice the lack of photography?


One thought on “Search terms to boggle the mind!

  1. I would complain about my search terms… but usually they’re the random snippets I’ve taken from various mediums to make up my entry titles… except of course for “eye candy schoolgirl” (as they say in French comic books: hein?), “photos of people thinking” (…..O_o…..) and of course the person who searched: “lisp” + “stephanie march”…. which is just silly. Former ADA Alexandria Cabot does NOT have a lisp.

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