Happy Halloween! (For everyone but this cat)

So it’s Halloween. Whoopee! In honor of the day’s traditional gore and gooze, I took the day off to have five (FIVE!) vials of blood drawn in order to test for a delectable Spanish parasite and anemia. Other activities included driving the madre to a doctor’s appointment that couldn’t have come soon enough, cleaning the house in preparation for family friends who arrived just an hour or two ago, and finally breaking down to purchase a new pair of jeans. I was going to go for the nice’ns, and only for the nice’ns, but I’ve gotta say that H&M has the Sqin fit down to a science–and for only $39. There is no other skinny jean for me. I also invested in a hot, button down, naughty-librarianish purple dress. I’m not sure where I’ll have occasion to wear it, but in case I ever need it, it’s there. 🙂

Last night I mended bridges with a very important friend of mine. My heart feels a little more whole now than it has in a while. Heightening the efficacy of that patch job was an awesome gchat-fueled talk with Greg’s truly exemplary older brother. I may have lost the boyfriend, but I’ve gained a friend, which is certainly better than having bid adieu to both.  Due to such enjoyable late-night internet chatter I got precious little sleep, so I’m thinking that the day’s very next priority must be a nap–and then the gym before I party it up tonight.

In other news, I’m shockingly excited about Trinity’s homecoming tonight. I’ve people to see, many stories to hear, beloved faces/places upon which to feast my eyes and my old self to remember how to inhabit. Reall, I don’t think that a return to Camp could have come at a more opportune time. While true, I had a mixture of love and hate for Trinity for my first two or so years in attendance, it really grew into a place of which I now think only fondly and grew to deeply love. Despite this professed affection for it, though, I never thought that I’d be one of those d-bags just aching for an excuse to get back to my alma mater. Earlier this week I discussed this with Amp. His characteristically classy response:

isteelsheep: Caitlin, I swear to god, if you don’t get some nostalgia/rebound tail at homecoming we’re no longer friends.

That sounds like a decent idea–if I were that kind of girl, that is. Or if at the very least I weren’t such a romanticized prude. 🙂 In any event, I’m ready for some fun, to see Gwen and James and the women of RAOK (if they’ll even be there), to see Danielle and hopefully Marisa. There are scores more with whom I haven’t been in touch but hope to happen across in my travels. I know that at some point I’ll end up ghosting around the English building, staring at the place where I’ve had some of the best times of my life. Oh yes–make no mistake: I am every bit that nerdy, and that sentimental. 🙂

Anyhow: nappytime calls. Happy Halloween, kids. I’ll let you know how it felt to come home.


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! (For everyone but this cat)

  1. To Jenn and Adeline, never fear. I can assure you there are no rebound parasites on this fly girl. Secondly, Adeline: madre mía, do I regret having stayed true to that cock-driven asshat and foregone Spanish tail in favor of “lasting” love! I even had a willing candidate…with whom I could have intellectual conversations…and see old Spanish fils…upon whom I had a considerable crush…and who was cute! BLAST ME AND MY PRINCIPLES! FUCK.

    Not sure which Spanish parasite, Rach. Tests’ll tell. Or rather, the results of the delightful stool sample kits shall… Whee!

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