Dance, Monkeys, Dance!

For some reason, whenever I bump In Step by Frankmusik in my iPod (thanks for the tip, Jamie–though I doubt you’d deign to read this), regardless of what’s happening around me or where I am, it seems as though the world moves to my soundtrack. Today on my walk from the bus stop to the café where I sipped espresso and toiled at grad apps,  I glimpsed a little girl bouncing up and down on a suburban front porch, moving perfectly in time with this song. As I neared, grinning, I discovered that as there was a sweet bonus on the other end of the leash to which the girl held: there, an equally bouncy golden retriever puppy bumbled out his ecstatic puppydom to the very same beat. Because this song is my addiction of the day, I listened to it again on my walk home and was lucky enough to glimpse a tall, lanky skater boy of about 19 committing one of the coolest acts of dance I’ve seen in the recent past–also to the tune of my song. He unabashedly shook his limbs to a beat he couldn’t even hear for the benefit of two eyelinered young women who giggled at him and made eye contact with me as I passed.

Oooh! And–while I remember–I caught this rare creature on camera the other day whilst walking past the library. Really. I want to know: who let this androgynous sonofabitch out of Hot Topic? And why did no one notify him that emo is dead before they did so?

Emo Kid is Emo

Emo Kid is Emo

…or perhaps someone did apprise him of that fact, and that’s why he looks so morose?

Unlike emo kid, I walked around for most of my day mildly smiling and feeling more embracing, connected to and accepting of the world around me than I have in a very long time. I’m beginning to feel like me again. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but I’ll take it while it’s willing to come to me.

*I make no claims to be so optimistic on the morrow–I am, after all, an incredibly sensitive, pathetically  girly girl.


7 thoughts on “Dance, Monkeys, Dance!

  1. wow. two great musical discoveries in two days. what’s next?
    i’ve been really enjoying the recent bout of activity.
    thank you!

  2. I’m so glad to be helping you make musical discoveries! Now that wordpress makes it super easy to do, I plan on offering audioupdates of sorts with much more frequency than before. 🙂 Enjoy the Rachael–she’s totally amazing–and Frankmusik is my go-to gym guy now. Manic Bosu ball workouts? Yes, please!

    Also–thank YOU for reading, Ksenia. Who are you?

  3. listening to “be be your love” on pandora right now…

    i’ve been trolling for quite a while actually.
    when i was applying to the university of chicago, i found alexandra’s blog. i followed it ever since, and from hers, linked to yours. now i’m a second-year studying environmental studies and minoring in spanish at the university.
    pasaré mi tercer año en la universidad de barcelona…

  4. Hi Ksenia!

    “Be Be Your Love” is a marvel of a song, but “Reason Why” and “Ode to…” are the ones that maintain thrall over my heart. Check out “Would You Please,” too, for added tear-jerking, moody-bluein’ value.

    I’m so honored you’ve followed my blog, despite my very bad bloggerdom and my going absentee for months at a time. 🙂 And hey–congrats on your environmental studies major at UChi! What a great school! I’m applying there for grad. Your English department is, my dear, nothing short of completely bitchin’. 😉 (See how erudite I can be? Hmpmh *cough*)

    ¡Qué bien que viajarás a españa! Si tengas alguna pregunta–que me dices, ¿vale? Estoy muy emocionada para ti y la experiencia que tendrás. Barca es una maravilla–te va a encantar, por seguro. 🙂

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