There Will Be No Recess Today

I’ve been meaning to post this online for a while now, and thanks to a little extra pressure applied by a certain boy, here it is. The best moment in Spanish to English bilingual school translation that I have seen to date. Well…a close second was when my third grader, Sergio, told me that he “just loved the brown balls” when describing to me his affinity for meatballs. True.

And now, without further ado, I give you Peace Day at my old school.

Peace Day

In Spanish, the sign above left says “La paz es el camino.” This translates, in English, to “Peace is the path.” One of my coworkers was asked by a Spanish teacher to translate the sentence. Out of context, on the spot, and in the middle of teaching a class, she translated “Peace is the path” to what you see above: “There is no recess today because of Peace Day.”

This is not *quite* the same thing. 🙂
Please note, too, how sincerely unamused the children holding the sign announcing the lack of recess appear. I hate Peace Day. Heh heh heh.


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