I love this.

A delightful Song.

You know what I don’t love?

Needing to study the subjunctive.
Needing to study for the GREs.
Needing to figure out my future for the next year.
Deciding whether that future will be in Spain or the United States.
This is not a good day. (gulp)


3 thoughts on “I love this.

    I need to start reading your blog. As you might have guessed from my internet absenteeism, I haven’t had a moment to spare of late.

    Have you heard yet?! *crosses fingers*

  2. Yes. Yes you do. 😀 Oh and I finally got you on the private entry list.
    Not yet. 😀 Joined the livejournal Fulbright group and quite a few people have known for weeks. It’s so all over the place! Anyway, I just read my essays for like the ninth time. Heehee.

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