Think Happy Thoughts

In addition to worrying about my family and updating the Ghost blog, I’m pensively listening to Eef Barzelay’s “South American Lullaby” and reminiscing, sappily, over this.


I wish that I could jet backwards in time to Monday. And I really don’t give a rat’s ass if Greg has a problem with my ecstatic plastering of his mug (and fine Schiller-engineered haircut(please ignore that I royally botched that sideburn)) all over the shiny surfaces of the internetz, either. *titters/clicks heels whilst executing expert hitch kick*

God, I need to get a life. Life-getting, I presume, will roughly coincide with going back to work on Tuesday and rejoining my little community.

Oh, and Bethany! I have plans to respond to you tomorrow, when I’m less sleepy and likely to be trite or unhelpful. (:


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