It’s 1:37 a.m. here in Spain, which means that it’s officially Christmas. It’s been a long wind up for this one considering–as you might imagine–elementary schools start pretty early, and yet it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me at all. The most festive I felt was early last week: with Ella Fitzgerald singing “Sleigh Ride” from MariGrego’s boom box I cut out logs from many different brown-toned pieces of construction paper and built (with Felicity) a huge paper fireplace in the hallway, over which we later hung 200 Spanish children’s stockings which awaited sugarplums and sweet little pats from Papa Noel. I lost the spirit sometime between now and then, though, and though I have a pretty little Christmas tree in the living room and I’ve baked about 300 Icebox Hermit cookies between last weekend and this, without my house, without my family, without my mom in particular, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas. I do regret ever so slightly my decision not to go home for the holidays.

But I went through the motions anyway!

This evening I wrapped up wrapping up, and here’s the result:


If I report being unable to eat for the latter portion of January, the Christmas loot I bagged and then wrapped for the sheer joy of wrapping will be why. 🙂

Though Christmas eve has been a rather somber, solo event, Christmas day will not be. A sweet teacher from my school invited me to eat with her family and small dog. I’m excited to pet a pooch and to have some company, so to express my thanks I spent the time NOT wrapping baking.


Those glossy brown orbs you see are not, in fact, reindeer leavings but chocolate covered almonds. Substantially nicer, no?

The night’s bright spot was Skypeing with James–finally–and it was totally worth the wait! Face time with that bearded mug was a real treat, despite the time delay incurred by videochatting. It’s nice to know I have loving friends who still think of me over there in the States, and even nicer when they want to Skype just to check in and say hi. 🙂 Joyous!

Considering that my sinus infection is still raging and I’ve been a mucousy mess for a full 20 days now, I probably ought to turn in. I’ll check back in tomorrow night with any luck with tales from my Spanish Christmas and, also, a very important update on new technology my roommate, M, is apparently developing: ham confetti.

Feliz Navidad, even if it doesn’t feel like it!


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