So… *cough* I did it. And didn’t wait ’til Friday.

Um. Hi.


Despite the fact that I nearly had a nervous breakdown in La Pelu while a lovably rail-thin, cardigan-clad denizen of Chueca named Adrian with huge black rubber gauges, pierced between-the-eye-top-of-nose-area (insert technical term here), and copious tattoos chopped off 8 or so inches of my previously lustrous curly brown hair… I think I’m happy? 🙂 While it’s far shorter than I asked him to go, and not QUITE what I had in mind, I feel more like me now, so this is good.

In other news, today was a great day at school. I spent the morning industriously drawing, coloring, cutting, then hacking up various types of bird pictures into puzzles. These were used for a 1st grade science lesson. Later, we pretended we were birds and shook our tails, opened our bills, and flapped our wings in order to hammer into 25 tiny cerebra those oh-so-important vocabulary words. My day was topped off by making a Christmas activity to review all the vocabulary for 3 units on school items, family members, and food–and I think I pulled it off in style. More on that later. It involves stockings and Christmas lists, and the word “Auntie.” Oh yes. I went there.

And now to hustle and do a little Fathom work. The later it gets, the closer to fucked I become. MORE TOMORROW!

Oh my God. *touches back of head* My hair.



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