Happy Mundanities

Despite a lingering cold and gross sinus pressure, life has been rather nice lately. Monday was all right, but Tuesday, when I awakened and simply couldn’t reckon with the notion of going to school with a ragged voice and throbbing head, was transient. There’s something about stealing a day off in the middle of the week that has always enraptured me and Tuesday proved a prime example of such. I stayed home, doctored my cold, did a good 4 hours of Fathom work, and then, when I was feeling restless from being inside all day, took a leisurely adventure walk two metro stops away from mine on my usual commute. From there, I found a beautiful, 20-minute walk home I can do every day which’ll afford me some great time to wind down and enjoy the invariably beautiful Spanish day after a long stretch of hours at the school. The route, down Paseo de la Castellana, takes me past the Biblioteca Nacional, which when turned golden on a weekday afternoon at around 4 p.m., is utterly breathtaking. The path is particularly top notch because it’s a gigantic boulevard with ample sidewalk space between the two lanes of traffic, lined by two thick rows of old trees. I am in love with it. Walking home that way on Wednesday and Thursday made me outrageously happy.

I’ve also had a number of really nice metro interactions this week, which has surprised me because people generally don’t speak to one another on the metro. So. Nice.

On Wednesday night I had dinner with Monica, Alex, Talia and Alex’s visiting friend Danny. We went to a delecatable vegetarian buffet restaurant on Calle Huertas, to which I also taught myself to walk (I love learning my city by foot!), and shot the shit, gossiped about the craziness of our respective schools, and generally had a pretty good time. That was also nice.

I’m also learning to value my dead hours between classes in Vicálvaro. I go for walks, sometimes with Amber, sometimes alone. I’ll sometimes get a coffee and sit and ruminate, sometimes just walk around the town instead. All in all, it’s a nice existence–busy, but nice.

My life seems to consist of eating and walking, I just realized, and while I’d like to allege that that isn’t at all the case…er… I suppose that…it.. kind of… is? THe walking is for enjoymen, but also to compensate for all the good eats in great company. 🙂 I’m happy to report that I’ve been a superstar about making it to the gym lately, and in the next few weeks, with the gym being miraculously open six days a week because there are no puentes, I’m going to try to go every day. We’ll see where that gets me besides hip soreness. 🙂

Anyway–yesterday was fucking awesome, and I’ll post about it later this afternoon. But first! I’m off for one of those much-adored walks. I’ll be back. We shall parlay, and I’ll tell you about going to a gastronomical fair and a FREE Wilco concert with an amazing new friend, pictures included. Yay!

¡Hasta ahora!


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