¡Por Fín! Fotos de “La Noche en Blanco”

If you’ve been following along (and I really don’t blame you if you haven’t been–I’ve been incredibly unreliable with updates), you may recall that a few weeks ago I attended an enriching and exciting nocturnal culture festival in the streets of Madrid. My highlights were an urban sound garden, mermaids in the park’s lake, swaying to the sound of tubas, and the cool and spooky Lite-Brite buildings. When I updated that evening I was forlorn and separated from my luggage, in which was lodged my camera cord. Camera and cable have been triumphantly reunited, and, as promised, you’ll see the fruits of their sweet union below! For now, photos and insufficient captions are really all you’re getting. I’m saving up my prosifying for an entry about my great (finally stable!) living situation!

The evening begins: Mermaids and their bodyslaves rowing them around in rafts on Parque de Retiro’s lake. In place of mermaids, some boats held tuba players, who blew soft, mournful sounds from their instruments. In the gloaming, it was eerie and delightful.

Tubas en el lago

…as night fell, however, what was once evanescently spookylovely turned decidedly River-Styx scary. Going to visit Anubis in the underworld? I think maybe yes.


The night wore on with Mark, Charles and I tromping toward Gran Vía. On the way there, I happened upon this creepy photo op and couldn’t resist its morbid, Victorian Cemetery-ish charm.


Gloom, dust and gathering night renders and otherwise ordinary statue purely creeptastic.

Here is the urban soundgarden:

Urban Soundgarden

I’ll be damned if I know what was actually projected onto this building (in constant motion, mind you), but it sure looked cool.

And now, a shower. Hopefully directly after that an update (with photos!) on my new home on Calle San Marcos in Chueca!


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