A list of things I am too tired to flesh out.

So. I’m actually not dead. Cool!

Lots of things have happened in the past few days; lots of things I could write on extensively, but would probably be far more boring than necessary. So instead, I’ll abbreviate with some species of list to give you an idea as to why there’s been no update for a good week.

1) Friday: moved away from Jordan’s piso. Was rescued by Mr. Mark Fox on Friday night and had a grand old time eating falafel with Mark and Talia. Were later joined by Charles. Drank mint tea. Talked shit. Much fun was had. Spent night at Mark’s piso on strange cot contraption in his coordinator’s office (yes–he lives with his coordinator) because (hopefully last!) move down the street from Mark to Calle San Marcos #39 (my permanent digs!) was pending on the morrow. Said move actually impossible ´til 10 p.m. Saturday night. Day was spent well. Hung out with Mark, introduced him to manifold wonders of Regina Spektor, ate tasty bakery goodies, prepared a healthy, balanced dinner, then for two hours watched Mark clean apartment like veritable lysol-powered demon. Operative word “watched.” Lifted finger only to windex glass coffee table. Here here for being a sack!

2) Moved to said piso on Saturday night, 10 p.m. Alone. Discovered room to be unfurnished save desk with no chair, and most awful mattress in world lodged on floor in corner. Cried piteously in middle of floor amidst wreckage of suitcases, crazed mane of hair and drippy mascara. Was pleased and disgusted with self after five minutes of this behavior. Went to sleep. Awoke at 2:30, stiff and sore from said shitty mattress through which the floor can be felt. Proceeded to vengefully shop for mattresses on Ikea.com for an hour. Slept. Woke. Hated life.

2a) Still hated life, but shopped early Sunday morning for hangers, anyway. At least my closet is de puta madre (¨the shit–in a good way).

2b) Got coffee with Ryan. Hated life slightly less. Cemented notion that grad school will not happen in fall of 2008, but of 2009.

2c) Went to work. For days and days. Taught things. Read stories. Sang. Am basically circus clown. Times are good and “work” is more like “play.” ¨Play with very loud, unruly, impressively vocal and articulate Spanish pets, that is.

3) Spent three hours in Ikea last night with sweet, sweet, SWEET new roommates E and V. Bought mattress and lamps. Room is no longer uninhabitable cave. Need shelving; perhaps soon. Perhaps food for a week instead. Yes. Maybe that.

3a) Bought gym membership for one month because unsore hips and vanity are more important than both food and shelving. First day of gym is tomorrow. Joy!

4) Slept precious little. Every night.

5) Tonight: met Allie’s friend David, who is Spanish (Basque, actually) and INCREDIBLY sweet. Glad I now have a Spanish friend and that Allie was willing to share. Drank a G&T, ate corn nuts, talked Spanish cinema with Mr. Spanish Cinema himself and was lent a work of contemporary Spanish literature. Also got to pet a little orange cat. Happiness.

6) Talked to Greg far too little. Goddamn being busy.

7) Relapsed with the sickness. Awesome. Love sinus infections. Love coughing.

8) All told: am extremely happy. Have keys to Spartanly furnished apartment and place to call home. All things considered, very good, very happy, but very underslept.

For now that’s all. Tomorrow highlights/ponderings on the metro and its ability to evoke hope, and some other random tidbits. ALSO! Pictures of my new ‘hood and Noche en Blanco in either the next post or one soon forthcoming!


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