I like my life here.

I like having something of a pleasant, dependable schedule.

I don’t like waking up at 6:55 every morning, and I don’t usually like my 80 minute metro ride, but I like getting off at the San Cipriano metro stop and walking to school in the clean morning sunshine.

I like saying good morning to my kids as they line up to go to class.

I like being bombarded with dozens of little Spanish hugs every day.

I like reading stories about cats and make-believe creatures to however raucous an audience.

I especially like break time in the teacher’s lounge, which is like my own private class. I get to drink coffee, enjoy some “bizcochos” (spiced biscuits) and chat in Spanish to get to know my fellow teachers. I like being corrected for my subtle grammar slips and made to learn more every day.

I like walking out of school amongst a tide of children to the tune of the classical music they use to signal class changes and dismissals instead of bells. Yes–it is just as surreal as it sounds.

I like coming back to the apartment, making a little sandwich and washing a peach, and sitting on the balcony in the sunshine, if only for a little while, until the next thing I have to do for the day materializes.

Now I’m to go take my Spanish placement test for the classes in which I’m enrolling at Escuela de Idiomas Goya. Then I’ll have a fun night of manchego, baguettes, red wine and cooking tortilla with Alex and Talia.

Life is good. Really pretty good. That is all.


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