Naps & Snack Adventures

Sitting still and being easy on my body is so much harder than I thought it would be. After about two hours of re-packing in preparation to move my suitcases to the new apartment tonight and live out of a tiny suitcase for ten days, I worked up a powerful hunger. The result? I just took myself out for a snack.

There are little shops peppered all over Spain that say simply “Alimentación/Frutos Secos” which, directly translated, is something like “Nourishment/Dried Fruit.” Usually owned by the Spanish Asian subpopulace, these little holes in the wall hawk everything from soup to nuts–literally! “Nourishment/Dried Fruit” sounds misleadingly wholesome, doesn’t it? Misleadingly. Mmm. Key word misleadingly. In reality, these Frutos Secos shops sell almost everything EXCEPT one of my favorite snacks–dried fruit. They are, however, purveyors of one of my other favorite comestibles: ice cream bars. Today I bought a Magnum bar (yes–it’s really called that, Americans. Stop snickering) which came to me nestled inside a very posh looking bronzed treasure chest. Magnum’s current marketing campaign involves Eva Longoria in a series of seductive poses. Also, see this to understand the double entendre the Italian ice cream manufacturer is pimping.

The ice cream was delicious, needless to say, but what I found almost more delicious than the actual thing itself was the description on the side of the package, which I translated here because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time:

“Magnum Temptation. Submerge yourself in the purest pleasure. Break through the thick and crunchy layer of chocolate to discover what’s hidden in its interior… Savor its velvety Madagascar vanilla ice cream, let the crunchy California almonds covered in fine Belgian chocolate seduce you, and submerge yourself in its smooth swirls of caramel. Magnum Temptation. Let yourself be tempted by the purest of pleasure.

Yes. That is a description that’s way more than a little sexual, so maybe Magnum is an apt appellation after all. However, I did learn 5 useful new words:

Gruesa: thick

Capa: layer

aterciopelada: velvety

remolino: swirl

tentar: to tempt


And here is a terrifying pictorial representation of the magnum temptation in all of its velvety, swirly, thick glory. It pretty much hit the back of my throat like the rocket ship it looks like.

I also came out of the Frutos Secos shop with thisCocktail Mix:

Inside were the biggest freakin’ corn nuts I’ve ever seen, raisins, fried lima beans (better than it sounds!), honey roasted peanuts and other nondescript crunchy things. I’m saving them for later when I work up another powerful hunger after being (probably) sorely disappointed by another dinner of residencia Augustinus Nebrija fish mash.

On that note–I will get to cook for myself tomorrow night, or at least in the near future! Jordan’s (a fellow Fulbrighter) apartment had a vacancy ’til October 1st, when I can move into my own piso. Awesomely enough his landlord is renting it out to me for ten days at 15Euros a day–a steal, compared to what I’ve been paying here and what I’d need to shell out for other accommodations. I’ll get to spend some time with Jordan, teach him how to cook, and have a bed to sleep in for a while. All good things.

And now, to schlepp things to the new apartment with Talia! Again, universe (just in case you’re reading my blog, you amorphous, shadowy entity, you!): thank you for sending me such reliable, helpful, kind and enjoyable new friends (and ice cream!)


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