Also, all kinds of success!

I’ve just had a rather wonderful realization: for all intents and purposes, I am a functioning adult-ish citizen here in Spain. I have a european cell phone, have successfully figured out the public transportation system though I’ve never in my life used a metro by myself, I have a real address now (Avenida Menéndez Pelayo 55, 28009 Madrid Spain in case ya wanna, you know, write me:) ) and I have…a job. Additionally, I’m working out a budget (which has made me realize that I’m going to be bare ass poor, like subsisting on bread and raisins kind of poor (don’t anyone mention that to my mom mom–I’ll be fine), until the end of October) which is an adult thing to do. Being paid once a month is difficult and doesn’t allow for a lot of financial wiggle room or splurges, but at least it’s being paid. On the upside, I’ll only get better at managing my money. 🙂

I am happy and life is good, even if my metro pass picture is not. Heehee!
Shades of Amélie


One thought on “Also, all kinds of success!

  1. sweet i think im your first comment. and it’s brief, which is unusual for me ala my voice messages. i love your voice. your blog is almost as good as talking to you in person. which means you are doomed to write (at least for me) forever. te quiero tanto!! eat more than bread and raisins chica. it’ll do the soul good. mix in some chocolate and liquor…

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